About Us

The main objective of the BiomassTrade Platform is to create new opportunities for biomass producers and for biomass-processing industries. For biomass producers, the BiomassTrade Platform offers a new marketplace that adds value to currently unused biomass residues and by-products that would otherwise be disposed. For bio-based industries, the BiomassTrade Platform displays a tool that helps to acquire new sources for desired biomass feedstock and to increase the radius of possible suppliers.

Six reasons to use the BiomassTrade Platform:

Adds value to currently unused residues   ▼

Within the common agricultural production process, a significant amount of by-products and residues accrue. Many of these sidestreams are currently unused but exhibit a still untapped potential for valorisation. The BiomassTrade Platform gives biomass producers the opportunity to add value to their unused sidestreams by offering them to interested buyers.

Directly brings together supplier and customer   ▼

No intermediary retailers participate in the trading via the BiomassTrade Platform, therefore no profits need to be shared with a third party. Delivery conditions, biomass quality, payment etc. can be negotiated individually, because no contracts will be concluded via the BiomassTrade Platform. This ensures direct trading according to the needs of the biomass producer and the biomass-processing industry.

Creates new commercial opportunities for biomass producer   ▼

With the BiomassTrade Platform, a new marketplace for currently unused sidestreams was created that enables biomass producers to find new commercial opportunities for biomass residues. With the help of the BiomassTrade Platform, new income can be created for farmers and other biomass producers.

Increases biomass availability for the bio-based industry   ▼

The bio-based industry needs a steady and reliable supply of high-quality biomass for the production of bio-based products. The BiomassTrade Platform helps to find new, currently unknown sources for the required biomasses. Potential seller and buyer will be matched by the BiomassTrade Platform, but as no trading contracts will be concluded via the platform, the seller and buyer can individually negotiate desired parameter of the biomass, logistics, time of delivery, payment etc.

Offers a simple and easy-to-use design   ▼

The intention of the design of the BiomassTrade Platform is to be simple, self-explanatory and easy to use to make the process of trading as easy as possible.

Provides all services for free with no hidden costs at all   ▼

The BiomassTrade Platform offers all services for free. No charges apply, neither for registration nor for trading or any other services provided by the BiomassTrade Platform.

About the Enabling project

The BiomassTrade Platform was developed within the EU-funded Horizon 2020 project ENABLING (Grant Number 774578). ENABLING is the initiative of 16 partners in 13 EU and associated countries and aims to create the right conditions for the development of efficient biomass to bio-based product value chains.

The ENABLING project aims for an impact at several levels:

  • Economic impact: ensure market growth for biomass
  • Environmental impact: enhance the shift to a circular economy
  • Social impact: create new jobs within the entire biomass value chain